Above: The BIG Melt - 2017 40"x27" mixed media on paper

These recent paintings are collaborations with specific landscape holons: unique features of larger land areas.

These are places of palpable power and intrigue for me, which draw me in to them, again and again, for inspiration and understanding.

The paintings are my chorography, my ‘heart maps’ of time spent with each living place, painted records of my relationship to everything encountered there, physical and ethereal: land energies, emotions, sensual responses, memories and dreams, stories from the land itself and all the beings which inhabit it, including ancient dwellers, ancestors, animals, elementals and plants.

The mood and message of each place has a profound affect on my senses and larger self. The landscape engages me through my emotional and energetic body, enters my dreams, invokes daytime visions and sparks a synchronistic field in which anything can happen. Each place reveals itself gradually over time, in color, season, light and weather, allowing new impressions with each successive visit.

The landscape graciously opens and allows aspects of its deeper nature, those generally unseen, to appear and be interacted with. I work in this sensitive way marking the ley lines between the natural and material worlds.

Hidden in plain sight, there is a shadow storehouse which contains a wealth of obscured information pertaining to time, space, natural processes, interventions, extractions and healing. I become the place.

I work in a range of media including video, performance, assemblage and installation, in conjunction with painting and drawing.

- Corey Hitchcock