My work as an observer evolves in the shadow zone between the natural and material worlds. What lies hidden in plain sight lives in this shadow storehouse. It is a wealth of obscured information and experiences. Of particular interest are those that relate to the enduring qualities of our expansive, regenerative, natural selves.

I build ‘engines’, like the Wicked Engine of Connected Desire 2007 and tools: like the Positive Universal Directional Cone, 2005, as allies and agents of change; create painted works like 'The Pool', 2014,
and short films like 'I Am Not A Tree', 2014
or 'Hive 2 Formula B', 2011 to help remind us of what makes us most delightfully human.

Corey Hitchcock, Interdisciplinary Artist

at left 'Heart of the Forest', 2014 mixed media paper 26" x 40" shown here in collection of True Nature Zendo, Nevada City CA