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Confluence 40"x26"
Essensual Exchanges: field notes on the confluence of landand water in Sonoma County CA

The experience of the land has always fed my work and life. It is natural for me to seek out wild places for contemplation, and to find relief from the material world in nature’s harmony. In this collaborative work, we agreed to explore the assumption that the natural world can be engaged and to create our own map of the land through a deeper, empathic interaction. It was an experiment. We wanted to explore our role as artists, conscious communicators and interpreters, in this difficult time of transformative planetary change. We knew that the natural world looked back and had messages for us, if we were able to attune enough to receive them. And so we entered an energetic and experiential exchange over a period of many months with several wild places; walking and exploring, noticing the way the land was molded and changed over time and by humanity for better or worse. We followed along the energetic ley lines, to understand through our own bodies the power of resonance with those ancient tracks. We experienced the landscape essence to essence, and were deeply rewarded for our focused attention with insights, not only about interactions of natural systems in land energies and water courses, but the ways they cope with human interference and activity. Above all we experienced ourselves as mirrors of the landscape.
These works on paper and in video are expressions of moments in that language of connection, understanding and recognition of natural intelligence, and also serve as witness to the underlying bond, still unbroken, between humanity and the Earth, even after two hundred years of careless extraction.

Corey Hitchcock, November 2009