Dark Matter engine
Dark Matter engine

'Dark Matter':
Documentation on the nature of Dark Matter was given to each participant and reference notes were pinned to the walls of the darkened room.

Each volunteer entered and was strapped into a chair. The black mesh veil of Dark Matter was lowered over her, obscuring her face. The rest of the group held space for the experience to occur, as the engine's controller dialed in cosmic sounds, and attuned the frequency to each individual's needs.

Cleansing water percolated through tubing and a giant cone. Lights emanated from the mysterious interior of the Dark Matter (cardboard) tower. Spare parts from this shadow engine lay around the perimeter.

As the veil was lifted, the engine regurgitated a bag of ‘Dark Matter’ remnants as a trace of the experience for each participant.

Comments from volunteers:
' ...Wild. I really felt like I was communing. The sounds activated the experience for me..I feel like I have been somewhere else!'

'I began to think about some things I had kept hidden from myself...'