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VIDEO The Rouser Working With the Bright Omens 2010

An homage to the powerful regenerative life force even in light of horrific disasters like the BP oil rig explosion and leak in the Gulf of Mexico. May we find complete resolution...
Note on Water video - When I created these short animated videos I was cultivating water for its life giving properties. I needed it to pull me out of illness and isolation with its miraculous viability. The relentless activity and vivid layering in these short pieces evolved as water spoke to me about its essence. I needed the language of the whales to take over for my lost voice, to sing me out of harms way.

More Water – Corey HItchcock for Uncertainty Club 2016

Ancient water is more than we know…it is intensely alive. I cultivated the magic shape-shifting essence of this water to help me out of stagnation because its crystalline structures communicate. Any message for good or ill can be amplified and moved along by water. And water listened, exchanged, answered and shifted me out of a prolonged pattern of gloom and fear of my own pointlessness, toward life and health. Something changed. It did return me to myself, out of fear and tiny mindedness. It poured me into inspiration and in tiny increments toward its vastness.

Water is flow, whether it percolates up from the depths, gushes inexplicably out of caves and deep wells, swishes in tidal flow and waves or lashes us with cleansing rain. We are kin to water, in more ways than indicated in the periodic table. We are conscious, receptive and dynamic. Its currents drift through our veins, pump and pulse beneath our eyelids when we dream. We excrete water in our tears, sweat and urine.

But now More Water is coming. And as beneficial as water has been through time for all life on earth, I must look at what this Much More Water can do. And in excess, it is not pretty. Witness the recent devastating tsunamis. So how does this change my conversation with water as a beloved entity? In a dream state I heard: 'Underground, all waters touch'. I think water is speaking to me of a greater connectivity than even the mimic, our internet, provides: a connection of no separation, and also of regeneration, of shape shifting and infinite possibility. Water after all transforms itself elementally from fluid, to ice, to vapor and back again retaining its chemical makeup. That extreme malleability, which we own too, is something to take note of.

Solutio, the alchemical phase of complete immersion, is a watery gateway along the inner path toward healing union and transformation. And Water is the alchemical agent of dissolve, turning us toward a gaiaic solutio, in the big melt. A possible full immersion, in our nearing and warmer future, comes from an urgent story of polar icecap destruction. This radical alteration of what has been will reportedly flood everything below 1800’ above current sea level. What to do? Adapt? Migrate? Die? Run…where?

My fearful stories influence and limit my possible responses to any situation, even the most mundane. I can’t open the car door. I am shit out of luck. No one is listening. I cannot affect anything. But isn't water possibly helping us listen on that deepest holistic level to the unpredictability of change as part of life? I am convinced water knows we are looking at it differently. I am willing to turn toward the scary more of water and see it less as a threat and more as an ally.

Somehow this situation seems less of a looming apocalypse than a kind of relenting, a letting go of form. Is it possible this might be an evolutionary gateway we will pass through unharmed? Can we let go of our paralysis long enough to see more water as it is? Could water manifest a ghostly dream tsunami of awareness to pass over us? I cannot answer for the real of this event in a more than curious way. I don’t want to miss what it might be. What if we change? What if water is just waiting for us to notice that we can?