Visual Work > 2016 - 2017

Histum Yani is the Maidu original name for the sacred, unique, landscape we know more commonly as Sutter Buttes. Its name means more than our words can possibly impart, but in short, it is the center of everything, the beginning of everything, the numinous center from which all life and being emanates. in my experience it is a magical, prima materia landscape which can loom unexpectedly in front of you on a road - against all reasoned understanding of actual distance. She, because get a distinctly feminine sense there, can also suddenly land utterly disappear. Walking her debris field hummocks and balancing on her steep sided grassy outlooks, you get the sense of a deep abiding presence; ancient, unknowable. I also sense her humor. hear her belly laugh. I think she relishes her mysterious properties.

Histum Yani - The Naval
Histum Yani - The Naval
Mixed on canvas