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Giant Lanterns & Lantern makers
Your Cosmic Lantern! - A 2 Day Zen Koan inspired workshop in 3/2018 Santa Fe NM

'Your Cosmic Lantern '- A 2 Day venture into Zen & Art the March in Santa fe NM.
Our koan:

Zen teacher Yunmen once said -

%In the center of the cosmos,
inside your body there is one treasure.

It picks up a lantern and brings it into the meditation hall.

It places the three tiered entrance gate on top of the lantern.%

Yunmen’s wonderful koan is a generator for creative response. He is reminding us of our expansive selves, our vas cosmic origins, our human capacity to join up with the abundant ‘qi’ - the vital energy of life all around us - in the land, weather, each other and the cosmos to create space and renew vitality.

We would all say this has been a challenging year, but creative responses abound when times are hard. Chan Zen was born in such time in China. Instead of being overwhelmed, or yielding to discouragement or isolation, this koan is about showing up in our creative lives and appreciating the unique bits of star stuff we are.

Anything is possible when we open a field in this way as a group for artistic exploration.

Here are some incredible responses from the Santa Fe group. Thank you everyone especially Lonnie Rankin, my generous sponsor, who made this all possible.