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Breathe, November 2005

'Breathe', was about allowing for breath: Oxygenating, enlivening. It was installed as a room-sized 'engine' at the JFKU Arts & Consciousness Gallery in Berkeley's Historic Heinz building November, 2005. Breathe was the major installation for my solo ‘Signs of Life’ which included the Non-Periodic table and its elemental symbol Key, a large blueprint gallery of project drawings and a screening area of fivevideo shorts.
Ribbed transparent plastic tubing connected Breathe's paper and cardboard structures to the building's air duct system. The recycled air animated internal shapes, which pulsed and rattled gently against the paper and glassine walls. A painted shadow marked its possible trajectory. Viewers were encouraged to contribute their own breath at breathing tube stations. The install included videos and large blueprints.

Comments from visitors:

“I know that Breathe is me trying to survive in this crazy overheated world.”

“I think Breathe is an oracle. I could sit with it and listen to it’s gentle sighing and get messages on my own life.”

“Breathe makes me want to play like I did as a child…building things out of scrap..occupied for hours.”