The Wicked Engine OF CONNECTED DESIRE at The LAB Gallery SF CA 2007. The Project began with drawings and interviews of 35 volunteers about their observations of disconnection in their own lives and their desires for changes and relief. I want to thank again everyone who volunteered to be recorded during these candid and intimate sessions for their gift of connection.

The Wicked Engine was dedicated to examining the sources of CHRONIC DISCONNECTION in order to help reverse its pervasive and de-humanizing affects. The WE was created as an interactive environment, built during a two-week, open-gallery, residency at The LAB, in San Francisco's Mission District.(see the Wicked Works gallery video in these files)

THANK YOU to four talented local actors: Kim Criswell, performance artist; Mike Feinberg, actor; Emlyn Guiney, actor and Beth Lisick performer/writer, collaborated with the engine and the audience in an activation performance, during which DISCONNECTION was acknowledged and released through collective actions and sounds. (See the W. E. Performance video in these files)